1、Looking at less than the height of happiness.


2、Our love never come back, how sad it is a word.


3、Avec tout le courage de mettre en place le plus brillant sourire.


4、You just take me as a ferry, by the time I spent lonely desolate.


5、Let you taste my poise, you leave me want to celebrate.


6、I don’t want to be in tears, but I am still in grief.


7、Sometimes goodbye is the only way.


8、Tears apart from cowardly should not representative of anything outside.


9、How much growth is needed to cover the sadness out of a mirage.


10、I cannot waited your forever,but you be others sun.


11、Tears are mailed to me the gift green, address is not how happiness.


12、Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence.


13、I have passed your heart.not I don't want to stay.but you would not shelter.


14、Don't give up the things that belong to you and keep those lost things in memory.


15、Looking back, standing on the already dim lights are not you.

蓦然回首,站富有哲理意境唯美的句子在灯火阑珊处的早已不是你 。

16、Love, we must trust, love can be a long time.


17、Tears stay, instant understand.


18、Black is the darkest betrayal, forgiveness Who Loved the pain.


19、Be able to meet you ,I was so lucky.


20、Do not play too true acting, otherwise it will bear the scars.



1、Nobody could ever replace you.


2、I love the man isn\'t my lover.

( 我爱的人不是我的爱人 )

3、I want along with you


“我想要两颗西柚。” “什么?”

4、“I want to see you.”

You don't laugh tears away.


5、Put you in my heart


6、When we lose, just know oneself


7、Love one another and you will be happy. It's as simple and as difficult as that.


8、Real girls aren’t perfect. Perfect girls aren’t real.


9、If equal affection cannot be, let the more loving be me.


10、What you see reflects what your heart is like.


11、Smile everyday from today. Nothing really matters except to live or die.


12、When it has is lost, brave to give up.


13、Sometimes words cannot express the burden of our heart.


14、I think a lot, but I don't say much.


15、Love is a kind of chance encounter, and one can neither waiting nor preparing for it.


16、Sorry,I have been used to the things which I'm not supposed to.


17、Remember to look back at your mistakes from time to time, but never regret them.


18、I tired you can not see my broken heart you can not hear.

我的累你看不见 我心碎你听不见。

19、Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.


20、I want to be the only one, but you don't give opportunity.



1、Turn is winter, sunshine getting thinner and pale 转眼便是冬日,阳光变得稀薄而苍白

2、Passing is fleeting moment, miss is eternal. 路过是一瞬,错过是永恒。

3、Itself is a lonely, but also make you feel lonely antidote. 本身是一种寂寞,却还要做你寂寞的解药。

4、Reluctant to lose residual temperature, forgetting the scar is still in pain 舍不得丢掉残留的温度,却忘了伤疤还在痛

5、From no words not talked about speechless, only need a silent instant just. 从无话不谈到无话可说,只需要一个沉默的瞬间而已。

6、I use memories under an end to end the iron between us the story. 我用回忆烫下一个句号来结束我们之间的故事。

7、Heart if tiredly, tears too dry. Ok, we will bemeeting scattered now. 心若倦了、泪也干了。好吧、我们就就此散了吧。

8、I love you you are my Juliet, I would like to become your liang shan bo. 我爱你你是我的朱丽叶,我愿意变成你的梁山伯。

9、Knowing you are poison, but can"t help kiss on your lips 明知道你是毒药,却情不自禁的吻上你的唇

10、Is not life if it is only as first, but life what not to meet 不是人生若只如初见,而是人生何如不相逢

11、The moon high up the night I hope my love to you can follow you to faraway places 明月高挂的夜里 我希望我对你的爱能追随你到天涯海角

12、Because that desperate love, what I lost you never know. 因为那奋不顾身的爱,我失去了什么你不会知道。

13、If one day, you make me forget, Beg you never think of me. 如果某一天,你把我忘记了,祈求你永远都不要想起我。

14、Please don"t play my feelings, also do not ignore my feelings. 请你别玩弄我的感情,也不要忽视我感情。

15、Love, is the youth frenzy years round of apricot yellow months, fine but hazy 爱情,是青春迷乱岁月里的一轮杏黄月,美好而朦胧

16、In the sentimental days, I take time, messy floating. 在那些感伤的日子里,我拿流年,乱了浮生。

17、I never need you, don"t need you then insincere words 我从来都不需要你,不需要你那假惺惺的话语

18、The so-called love, just feel lonely pastime. 那所谓的爱情,只不过是寂寞时的消遣。

19、Quiet exists, the quiet, to let others feel my existence. 安静的存在着,安静到让别人感觉不到我的存在。

20、Overflowing of I, walk in the overflowing looking for love road. 漫无目地的我,走在漫无目地寻找爱人的路上。

21、We alone is the best penalty we originally fault how difficult 我们孤单是最好的惩罚 我们原来过错有多么难

22、Return to mou that past once, but it"s only a game. 回眸那过往的曾经,原来只是一场游戏。

23、Love the evolution of such failure, leaving only that deep helpless. 爱情演变的如此失败,只留下那深深的无奈。

24、Each other just have the tacit understanding, but you let go chose abandoned. 彼此刚刚拥有的默契,你却放手选择了抛弃。

25、Once many times of decision, finally were bested by your prayer 曾经好多次的决定,最后都败在了你的祈求下

26、Love you love to hari-kari tutorial, you would think unbearable. 爱你爱到无可救药,想你想到备受煎熬。

27、Though I"m a woman, but I did it affordable, to put next. 虽然我积极向上的小短文是个女人,可我做到了拿得起,放得下。

28、My spirit and soul, keep waiting in your heart the door. 我的灵和魂魄,不停守候在你心门口。

29、You say me is you a lifetime of devotion, don"t belong to love. 你说我是你一辈子的挚爱,可不属于爱情。

30、Give up is completely lost, persistence will have at least a glimmer of hope. 放弃了就彻底的输了,执着最少还会有一丝希望。

31、Love is like sentence spell always let people willingly addictions 爱情像句咒语 总让人甘心沉迷

32、I love the men flower heart also due, so I be more affectionate more ruthless. 我爱的男人花心也揪心,所以我越多情就越无情。

33、Each step, could not follow you, see the farther the distance more walk but. 每一步,都跟不上你,看距离越走却越远。

34、I absolutely don"t say I love you, this is between us the tacit understanding. 我绝对不说我爱你,这是我们之间的默契 。

35、You have put all away, but the memories omission 你已把所有都带走 却把回忆遗漏

36、Habit with you, with you in, so happy. Also fear of losing you. 习惯有你,有你在,很开心。同时也害怕会失去你。

37、Let you taste my poise, you leave me want to celebrate. 就让你见识我的风度,你离开我要不要庆祝。

38、Yesterday, today you let not again find you. 昨天把你放开,今天不一定再把你找到。

39、We are all busy XiZi, not commit, cannot be resolved 我们都是忙忙碌碌的戏子,不全心投入,便无法落幕

40、Sketch pale write, when you leave me after the story. 素描淡写,当年你丢下我之后的故事。积极向上的小短文

41、Because loved a crazy, so see you still **iling silence. 因为曾经爱过一场疯狂,所以看你依旧笑着沉默。

42、I"ve tried my last bit of energy, just as you bloomed sunflower **ile. 我用尽最后一丝力气,只为你绽放向日葵一样的笑容。

43、Your own taste, let my heart closely rely on. 你的专属的味道,让我的心紧紧依靠。

44、Those who loved, heart, and how it slowly fade 那些爱过的人,心是怎样慢慢凋谢

45、Without your betrayal, how will I have now decadent. 没有你的背叛,我又怎么会有现在的颓废。

46、Miss forever looking at you even if you never found me 好想永远这样的看着你 即使你从来没有发现过我

47、In addition to endure, we have no choice. 除了白头到老,我们无路可走。

48、This street so empty your shadow was in every corner 这街道那么空 你的影子却在每个角落

49、Since you left crushing the dream with, then I choose in perishing in addition. 既然你用离开粉碎这场梦,那么我选择在沉沦中腐生。

50、Destiny is a deck of CARDS, licensing is god, play CARDS is myself 命运是一副牌,发牌的是上帝,玩牌的是自己

51、Let go hand in a noisy streets, find the pupil picture. 放开手在喧闹的大街,找不到瞳孔中的画面。

52、You again how boethius observed all still could not return to the origin 你再怎么强颜欢笑 一切都还是回不到原点


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